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I am a middle-aged bastard manchild trapped in the body of a little girl. Hail from Australia, though currently living in reclusion.
Studying creative arts at UOW as of this year, so if you happen to see a short, timid, sullen-looking eyesore of a lass, that's probably me.

My interests include watching television. Comedy is my favourite, but I'm open to laughing hysterically at any other genre too.

I shall post some of my scribbles and maudlin musings here. Probably also a few (hundred) photos that may pique my interest.... so come for the tut-tutting and stay for the triple tsk! :D

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One may also view my Facebook, where I literally only mostly post pictures I've already reblogged on Tumblr! It's redundancy at it's infinite!

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8th February 2014

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Jonathan Mannion photoshoot (both dress and leather ensemble w/ jacket undone) // Roberto Cavalli 2001 RTW Fall & Winter

(courtesy of Jonathan Mannion’s instagram, and

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